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Kilconquhar is a 'must see' for anyone fortunate enough to visit Fife.

We might be one of the smallest villages in the East Neuk of Fife, but we are also amongst the most charming, with some impressive natural and architectural attractions.

Nestling peacefully in the Fife countryside, Kilconquhar (pronounced Kinneuchar), is located in a conservation area where we are home to a number of listed buildings and houses.

Built on the northern banks of Kilconquhar Loch, we have:

  • An historic church , with the remains of the old Church which can be visited.
  • By the Loch, beside the Church is the Quiet Garden, a peaceful place which our Beautiful Fife Group started, and look after including planting. By the Loch there is a bench which was donated to the group .
  • Kinneuchar Inn, a lovely historic  building with a tasty menu.
  • The  Loch which is an SSSI, and Wildlife Trust Barnyards Marsh, where wildlife and plants can be observed.
  • Kilconquhar Castle, Estate, a Family Holiday resort.




Our Community Group, Beautiful Kilconquhar was formed in 2009.

Fife Council got us started with an invitation to all Fife Villages and towns to enter the Beautiful Fife Campaign.

Kilconquhar with the adjacent Barnyards was already a beautiful place to live.

With a small committee and volunteers we did make improvements with lovely floral displays.

Every year since 2009 we have entered the Beautiful Fife campaign and since 2011 also the Beautiful Scotand Campaign.

Our group with lots of help from villagers continue to maintain floral displays and tubs as well as looking after public areas verges, footpaths.

We have developed areas in the village, including the Quiet Garden in the Churchyard, the Dale Garden and the Dale Path.

We have made many improvements in the historic access, called Cockie Chairlie's Way in Barnyards. Trees have been planted and a wildflower meadow planted after the ground was cleared.

We are maintaining our heritage with futher research.We arrange litter picking and supplying dog bags.Trees have been planted in other areas, and we look after the bus shelters and volunteers care for the War memorial Garden.

Foremost is our bio-diversity, planting from seeds and recycling plants.

Our church.
 More detailed information about Kilconquhar is available in the book 'Kilconquhar - A Hidden Gem' which can be ordered from Irene Wallace. 
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